Our Unique Features

We create awareness for Merchants on our social media platforms and link you with buyers.
To protect our users, we have zero tolerance for scams, hence the landmark feature, suspected scammers will be banned permanently from using the platform.
Upvote & Downvote
A rating system where you can upvote or downvote a seller based on your experience with him. Sellers with a high upvote tend to have their product or service listed above other products, those with high downvotes appear below
Because of the volatility of crypto assets,and the fact that prices may rise or fall, Merchants should review the price based on the current rate and new price fixed. For instance, Ronaldo places an advert for a pair of shoes at $20 which is 0.0054BTC as at the time of placing the advert, but when Sharon meets him, the $0.0054BTC drops to $18, and $20 now becomes 0.0058BTC. While the price remains the same $20, the BTC rate fluctuates hence need for price review upon meeting.
Our Partners
We have partnered with high profile liquid exchanges (see below) across Africa who provide fiat to our merchants at a competitive rate.
Buy things online WITHOUT a bank account.
Transaction Made Easy
Receive payments for your goods and services WITHOUT Owning a Bank account
Find products near you
Search seamlessly for products and services in your location
Merchants Meetup
Quarterly meetup with our Merchants where we share information, assist them in increasing sales, give free trainings, distribute gifts and take home packages
Currency Converter
Merchants can indicate the price of their product (e.g. 3000). Then select their local currency (NGN,CFA,XAF, UGF,GHS,KES,ZAR, USD), after which they select the cryptocurrency they want to convert to, then input the value in the price line.
Customer Support
If you don’t know how to use cryptocurrencies, or what to do with them, Do not worry we have you covered. As soon as a buyer contacts you to make purchase for your product, after the price has been agreed, please contact us via phone or email to assist 08150912166, hello@agcrypt.com. (Nigeria only)

Crypto Currency Converter

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