1. Create An Account

Anyone can view the site, but to interact with the site you have to signup. After which you can now:

  • Post an Advert.
  • Connect with sellers and view their contact information.
  • Browse products without restriction.
  • See product views.
  • Participate in auctions.
  • See and place reviews.
  • Rate others, save your favourite ads, etc

2. Post An Ad

To post an advert you;

  • Sign in if you have signed up
  • Click on post an ad
  • Fill the form carefully, Provide information about your product or service
  • Provide clear photos of your product, blurred, unclear photos will be rejected!
  • Indicate the price of your product by using the Cryptocurrency converter to convert to BTC, for items less than $100, the price will not be indicated, buyers will have to call you for price.                                              NOTE: We only display the price in BITCOIN to 2 decimal places(any price more than 2decimal places will not show merchant would have to call you for price)

3. To buy a product or service

  • Sign in if you have signed up
  • Click on the Ad you are interested in
  • Click contact information or chat with the seller
  • Discuss price taking fluctuations into consideration & fix a new one..


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